Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tillay's Tidbits

Dear Sir,

It has of late come to my attention that you are still continuing to propagate this preposterous concept of a prodigious fructoid of invincible caliber. Why thou thinkest thee can continue to bamboozle the unsuspecting masses with your deleterious propaganda and bewitching fancies of such ludicrous sagacity is beyond my cranial capacity for comprehension. Let me explain:

I would not oppose your fanciful fascinations were it not for my vast knowledge of the cosmos and its delicate interplay with the time space continuum. In my most recent calculations, I have positively mathematically and scientifically ruled out any possibility of said fruit's existence in any of our vast universe's dimensions. Let us suppose for a moment that peach is p and:


If this is true it would naturally follow that:


Therefore one can clearly see that the negative root of the positive integer p would have to be of greater value than the sum of the negative particle vortex which your alleged peach would necessitate were it to be a veritable mass actuated by forces which govern the very elemental composition of our world. Hence one can understand why the existence of such a peach is ruled out by sheer logic of such compelling nature.

In our quest for ultimate understanding let us not seek to beguile others whose understanding of such constructs fails to reach the status quo. May we in turn, seek to guide the mentality of the plebian masses toward more lofty, ignominious and noble heights.


Sir Jon

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I know I really shouldn't be posting another blog so soon. Don't forget to sign up for breakfast in the blog below, but I randomly found our Road Trip 2008 CD while looking for something else. I ran across this little video on it that clearly shows where a certain bovine species first originated in my mind. Watch it you'll figure it out. ; )

Breakfast Friday!!

Good Morning everybody!!!
I decided to try something new this Friday morning breakfast. I will list what we need and throughout the week(sooner than later preferably) you all can comment and say what you will bring then other people can see what is already going to be brought and comment on something else to bring accordingly. Doesn't that make so much sense? Ok, so here's the list.
Tater tots
Flour tortillas
Orange juice
Random fruits
And whatever else you feel inspired to bring!!
Looking forward to seeing everyone there ( :

The above is just a pretty picture for you to look at while you decide what to bring ( ;