Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thoughts from Barry...

As many of you already know, a few months ago Emily Fisher and I had a competition to see who could create and sell the best work of art. You can view both of our masterpieces on her blog. Anyway, Barry happened to see it and sent me the following message via my ebay account.

Tim, I must say I was absolutely entranced by your masterpiece. The splotch was so elegantly and naturally placed and the attending decor so perfectly right. I would like to suggest a didgeridoo performance in improvisational style to honor your work. I would further like to suggest on a completely related note that you consider invigorating your perambulating pursuit of peachy perspicuity (not to mention articulacy) via an infusion of this masterpiece in a metaphorical transfiguration of transfiguring, transformational, and perhaps most important of all, trans-genre explosion of true poetic and painterly genius. This exceedingly humble suggestion should be acted upon with all due regard to the extreme height of my general and special knowledge of all interrelated subjects pertaining to the delicate issues and eventualities doubtless now under your consideration as a result of this wonderfully (if I do say so myself) terse and coherent little note. Barry from Kg